A well-done end of tenancy cleaning ensures you will get your deposit money back.

Moving from one home to another can be a time-consuming and stressful experience, especially if you are doing it in a hurry. Moreover, you will probably make a good use of your deposit and in order to get it back from your landlord, you will need to pay special attention to your End of Tenancy Cleaning Routine. All agencies, specialising in tenancy disputes agree that the cleanliness of the leased property is among the most common occasions for clashes between the between tenants and landlords. According to TDS data, “in 2015-16 cleaning appeared as a reason in 57% of cases and damage in 51%.” In our post today you can check what to clean in order to shake hands with your landlord and take your deposit back. Read also: How to Make the End of Tenancy Cleaning Easier?

Be Cautious When Setting the Cleaning Day

Set the date for cleaning as close to the inventory day as possible. This small precaution may not make sense now, but it can actually help you avoid disputes. If you clean 2 weeks before the inventory meeting with your landlord it is possible to be unpleasantly surprised.

Prepare a list with all end of tenancy cleaning tasks and follow it.

Two weeks is enough time for the place to get dusty, cobwebs to reappear, and windows to get dirty again. If you hire end of tenancy cleaners ask them to provide a detailed checklist, describing what they clean. If you consider dealing with this by yourself be sure to make enough time for the task. Read also: End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Check Before Moving Out.

Remove grease from kitchen appliances and empty the cupboards.

Leave the Kitchen Spotless

This is one of the rooms that must certainly be included in your end of tenancy cleaning list. Dirty appliances, greasy spots in the tiles and dust can significantly lower your chance to get your deposit back. If you are dealing with the cleaning by yourself, make sure to spare enough time to do it. The most efficient way of cleaning the kitchen is after you move out your belongings. When a room is empty is easier to see what will take the most time. Usually, fridge, oven, tiles around the cooktops, and extractor hood are the things that require the most time to be cleaned.

Leave the bathroom and toilet sparkly clean.

The Bathroom Must Shine

Bathroom and toilet are other things you don’t want to miss when planning your end of tenancy cleaning! The good news here is that if you have cleaned and maintained your rental properly over time, this area will take very little time to start looking sparkly clean. In any case, take in mind of the spots that draw the attention immediately – sinks and toilet bowl should be impeccably cleaned, as well as the bathtub and shower cabin. Empty the bathroom cabinet and don’t leave the trash can full. Check also: The 10 Golden Rules of Bathroom Cleaning

Don’t skip on carpet and sofa cleaning.

Refresh, Carpets, Furniture, and Curtains

Over time carpets, sofas, drapes and other textile items tend to accumulate dust and dirt. If you have missed to deep clean them in the past few months, this is the time to do it. When rugs and furniture are properly cleaned they will give the whole place a better, more welcoming look. Take in mind, that this end of tenancy cleaning task can take more time in winter. The cold weather can slow the drying process of all textile items and furnishings in your rental. Read also: Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance 101

Impeccably clean windows will give the whole place a better appearance.

Polish Windows and Mirrors

Nothing says ‘Neglect’ more than a dusty window. To leave your landlord with a good impression and get your deposit back, make sure that all glass surfaces in your rental are spotless. Pay attention to corners of window frames and windowsills for dust. Wipe clean fingerprints and smudges from mirrors in all rooms. While you are at this end of tenancy cleaning chore, you can also wipe the door and window handles, as well as all light switches in the rental.

The last step of your end of tenancy cleaning should be polishing tiles and hardwood floors.

Final Touch: Clean the Floors

Wipe the floors:  this certainly is the final touch of every end of tenancy cleaning. Actually, you can do it 1 hour before the inventory meeting. The floors will look immaculately clean and the fresh detergent smell will confirm the impression of a meticulously done job. This is a trick that some agents and landlords do just before renting the place for the same reasons – to make it look brighter and more appealing to potential tenants.

Pay attention to details: clean the doorknobs, wipe off the dust and remove the cobwebs.

At last, but not least – pay attention to details. Remove cobwebs, and clean all small, hard to reach corners and cracks in furnishings, door frames, and door tops from the dust. And don’t forget – if you need a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service in London, you can count on Cleaning Day.