Here are 4 clues on how to find specialists that will take good care of your carpets.

Your carpet acts as a filter for your home. It traps dust, grit, soil as well as various microbes. And while vacuuming it regularly helps remove some of these contaminants, it cannot remove the soil that gets deep down into the fibres. Reputable health websites and carpet manufacturers recommend professional deep carpet cleaning. This will keep your carpets hygienic, looking as new, and will prolong their life expectancy. However, choosing the right cleaning company is also important if you want to be satisfied with the results. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best service for your needs:

Different carpets require different treatment.

Determine What Type of Service You Need

Understanding what type of carpet cleaning service you need is the most logical starting point for your search, especially if you are about to hire professional cleaners for the first time. Different rugs require different deep cleaning techniques. The best service for the most type of carpets is hot water extraction. However, there are some types of fibres and fibre blends that don’t respond well to moisture and need dry cleaning. To determine what is the best way to treat your textile floorings you can check up their label. You can also look up at manufacturer’s website, or ask at the store where you bought them. Once you know what type of treatment you need, you can look up directly the name of the service online to find cleaners in your area that provide it.

Lowest Price Doesn’t Mean Best Service

It’s natural to search for the best bargain. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the lowest cost doesn’t guarantee the best carpet cleaning service. Actually, if the prices, listed on the company’s website are significantly lower than the prices of all the other services, this could be a warning sign for hidden fees and costs. We don’t claim that you cannot have a good service at a reasonable rate, but it is good to check twice if the initial price includes VAT, transportation costs, cleaning product, etc.

Search for a Company that Offers a Cleaning Guarantee

One of the best ways to find a reliable carpet cleaning company is to check if they offer a money-back guarantee or insurance for every service. Experienced professionals are not afraid to offer such terms.  And usually, this information can be easily found on their websites. The best carpet cleaning companies conduct meticulous training for their employees. This way they can be sure their staff can provide a high-quality service to every customer.

People publicly share their experience with different companies.

How to Check the Company’s Reputation?

Nowadays companies can easily manage the information on their websites but they cannot control what people write on reviews websites. Customers share both positive and negative information online and it is easy to check what they think about certain cleaning service. Naturally, experienced and reliable carpet cleaners have more positive reviews and recommendations from loyal customers. So when you narrow down your search to a few companies search clients reviews on Yelp!, local forums or other review websites.