Hire a Cleaner for One Day in London

Professional one day cleanerHere at Cleaning Day we offer you a great opportunity to hire one of our professional cleaning ladies for a day  in London! For the fixed price of £112 you can deal with all the domestic cleaning chores your regular maid service isn’t able to do. When you choose this service you can benefit from it’s cost-effectiveness and focus on more important activities. Talk to one of our office assistants on 020 3761 5875 today!

What Can You Expect From Our Cleaner?

Our Same Day / One Day Cleaner can help you with a range of cleaning or organising tasks such as:

  • Pack belongings when you move out of your home. Our maid will follow your instructions carefully and help you pack in time.
  • Help you with unpacking and organising your clothes, possessions in your new home when you move in.
  • We can help with cleaning lofts or basements. Over the years dust settle and your less frequented parts of your home need professional cleaning from time to time.

What Are Your Benefits?

  • You save time
  • We are flexible and well organised
  • Two cleaning services in one day for outstanding results
  • It’s affordable and available throughout London at great price
  • Lots of other services on demand such as carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning!