Keep your carpet as new is easy when you follow these tips.

The way a carpet looks affect the overall appearance of the room. A dirty, shabby rug, with faded colours, can make your home look neglected and unwelcoming. And vice versa – a clean one, in good shape can make your home look nice and cosy. Some may say, that any carpet starts looking worn out after a few years of use. Luckily, this is not true. Today, Cleaning Day specialists share their knowledge about the best cleaning and maintenance ways, you can keep your rugs in as-new shape for long years. Read also: Ingenious Carpet Cleaning Technique to Use When in a Hurry 

Vacuuming will hell keep the carpet dust and dirt free.

Vacuum the Carpet Once a Week

Dust and debris get inside our home easy – we carry them onto our shoes and clothes and allow then through open windows and doors. This is especially true if you live in a big city. Dust settles deeply into all textile items, including upholstery and carpets and over time this can make them look darker and dirtier. Vacuum your rug regularly to extract the dirt and this will affect the look of the entire room. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas such as around your sofa and coffee table. When you extract the dust from your carpets once a week, you will notice, that there is less dust on shelves and other surfaces as well.

With regular vacuuming, the amount of dust at your home will lower significantly.

Remove Stains as Soon as Possible

Accidents happen! Be it a food or beverage spill, a mud stain, or a puddle of pet urine, any stain can be removed, but time is of an essence. The sooner you start cleaning the dirt, the better chance you have to remove it and prevent it from becoming remaining unsightly permanent spot on your carpet. There are a few rules of thumb when dealing with stains that will help you tackle the task like a pro. You can check the most efficient methods for carpet stain removal here.

Invest in a steam cleaning mop, or in a hand steamer.

Use Steamer to Kill Bacteria

Using a steam cleaner on your carpets every once in a while is the easiest and safest way to deal with microbes deep into the fibres. These small and handy machines use nothing but extremely hot water so they also can save you a lot of money on detergents. If you have pets, this step is extremely important to keep bacteria out of your home. Invest in a quality steam cleaner – it will be of good use not only for your rugs but also for maintaining upholstery, sanitising floors, bathroom tiles and kitchen surfaces. Just take in mind, that some types of rugs are water sensitive and won’t stand well the steam. Check up this info on your carpet’s label. Read also: When to Choose Professional Over DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Place welcome mats to prevent soil and dust getting onto your carpets.

Lower the Amount of Dirt

You will save yourself a lot of work if you take some precautions and don’t let the dirt and dust get easily to your carpets. For instance – place doormats in the hallway, so they can take soil and dirt from outside. Take off your shoes when coming home to avoid spreading dust and microbes from outside. Maintaining a wall-to-wall carpet takes more time and efforts than cleaning a small one, so consider placing area rugs in high traffic areas in your home. Keeping the dirt out of your home is essential if you have a baby, or a small child around.

Our carpet cleaners use top-of-the-notch professional equipment.

Deep Cleaning at Least Twice a Year

In order to keep your home rugs as new consider hiring a carpet cleaning company every 6 moths. Professionals work with powerful machines and a wide variety of products, designed specially to clean any type of carpet or rug. Moreover, you can take advantage of cleaner’s visit and ask them which are the most appropriate products for your carpets, is it safe to use a steamer, and other useful maintenance tips and tricks.