Brace yourselves! It’s going to be a roller-coaster! Not the cleaning before the newborn arrives, but the cleaning after. Newborn babies are very fragile. From the first breath they take, they start exploring and learning about the world around them, and it’s their parents responsibility to make this world as friendly and clean as possible.

If you happen to be a messy person, it’s the perfect time to set the foundation of new habits, including a new cleaning routine that will help you bounce between being a parent and keeping the house tidy and cozy.

Make a List

Creating a list of all the tasks that need doing is essential. You might think that securing the outlets and putting edge and corner guards to all the furniture is not as important right now, but you will find out that babies grow like mushrooms. So put all of these important activities into a list and check them one by one at least a month before the baby arrives.

Drop Out Harsh Chemicals

Did you know, that by 2025 asthma will be the most widespread chronic childhood disease? The home environment a child has being raised in often instigates respiratory diseases and allergies. So cutting the unnecessary toxicity is going to help you reduce the risks of putting your newborn’s future in the dark statistics. There are plenty of easy to mix home recipes, or bio and environmental friendly cleaning supplies on the market. Do your research first and throw away everything that might put you or your child’s life in danger.

Nursery And Bathroom

Unless you are planning on keeping the baby closer to you, you should first start with the nursery. A tidy room can spare you a great deal of troubles finding things while you need them the most. Clean everything, using eco-friendly cleaners. Arrange the furniture in a way that will let you clean behind and underneath it easier at least once a week. Use boxes and containers to organize clothes, cosmetics, toys and other accessories and objects.

Use Labels

Thoroughly clean the bathroom – sink, tub and toilet; keep less accessories and cosmetics as possible. Make a “weekly to-do list”, related to the nursery chords and stick to it.

Living Room & Stairs

No matter if you home does have stairs or not, use a baby gate to restrict the soon-to-be-crawling child of accessing stairs or certain areas in your home. If you have your workstation set in your living room, or you have hobbies that include plenty of chemicals (like painting, for instance), or knick-knackery, a baby gate and containers are a necessity. As for the cleaning routine of the living room and stairs, make sure you vacuum at least once a week and never walk with your dirty shoes on. Whatever stays on your floor, will soon be on your baby’s hands and later in his or hers mouth.


The kitchen is the place where magic happens. But apart of that, it’s the place where someone might get hurt.

  • Hide all the knives and sharp objects, kitchen utilities and accessories.
  • Hide all the chemicals and ingredients that might be swollen by your child.
  • Use plastic and rubber utensils that are easy to clean and don’t break when dropped.
  • Use a kitchen stove protector.

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