Though carpets are durable, they do require maintenance and cleaning. Using the wrong carpet cleaners on a carpet, may result in permanent discoloration. However if you follow the tips from below you will be able to keep the good appearance of your carpet and prolong its life span.

Main Causes For Concern

The number one enemies of carpeting are dirt, grit and sand. To prevent them from building up simply vacuum your carpet twice a week. The best vacuum cleaner to have is one with HEPA filtering. HEPA vacuums tend to clean the carpet and suck up the harmful particles simultaneously. Also to prevent bringing dirt, grit and sand from the outside, install doormats at the main entrances of your household and take off your shoes every time you enter your home.

To take care of stains and spills act instantly. If you allow the spills to dry, you may end up having a permanent stain on your living room carpet. While treating a stain never rub and scrub as you will push the stains deeper into the carpet fibers, instead blot the spill with a clean cloth or towel. Get a cleaning solution from the home depot or create the mixture yourself and apply it on the stained area. Once finished make sure to dry thoroughly the carpet to avoid any mould and mildew growth.

Before using any cleaning products on the carpet make sure to test it on a hidden area. If any discoloration or fading occurs don’t use the detergent and purchase or mix another one.

Look For Professional Cleaning

Twice a year hire professional cleaning services to deep clean your carpet. With the aid of the professional carpet cleaners, you will preserve the looks and extend the life of your carpet.Today, nobody has a lot of time to spare or to clean. That’s why we should not let the dirt stays in our home. We can prevent that from happening, if we clean every room regularly. Here,  our team of professionals providing deep steam cleaning in will share with you a few tips and how to do a five minute cleaning attack.

Before starting with the actual cleaning attack, professional cleaners advise you to prepare your cleaning tools. Most importantly – make this five minute cleaning attack a competition with yourself. So grab a few cloths, some paper towels, furniture wax, glass cleaner, vacuum machine and mop, and… GO!

Our Bonus List

1. In the first two minutes, remove all schoolbooks, glasses and plates, clothes and laundry. Put all the DVDs and CDs on their proper cases. Gather the toys and put them in a basket.

2. The next two minutes are dedicated to the floors. Run the vacuum over the carpet areas. Cleaning London experts say that you should use the mop to clean all the other un-carpeted floors.

3. You have only one more minute and you have to be really quick with the finishing touches. Fluff up all of the furniture cushions. Grab a cloth (cleaners London advise you to use a microfibre one) and dust all the tables and other surfaces with a proper cleaner and then use some paper towels to wipe them clean.

For more details about the five minute cleaning attack, there is no one who can answer to you better, than a professional working in cleaning companies.