Tenants have the obligation to take good care of the rented property. Before moving out of rented property they must clean it and leave it in a proper condition. When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning services in London there is a big variety of companies that can guarantee a quality work.

What Should You Do To Get Your Deposit Back?

Before returning the keys to the landlord a tenant must thoroughly clean the oven, stove and the crease filter also, wipe the backside and beneath the stove. Defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator and the freezer is also a must, just like the stove it must be cleaned from the back and below as well. It won’t hurt if you open and leave the doors open for a while. Freeing of dust the vents in every room and cleaning or changing the air filters of an air conditioner is important. Do not forget to empty, wipe and vacuum the drawers and cupboards. Mopping the floors in each room and cleaning the windows from the inside and outside as well as possible is advisable.

Bathroom Cleaning

A full scrub of the bathroom and its equipment is obligatory, be sure to have cleaned properly the bath tub, sink, shower and etc. and last but not least take out the garbage. Don’t forget to use only eco-friendly soaps and detergents, it’s our responsibility to keep the environment clean.

Look Around Before Calling In Your Landlord

Before calling the landlord that you have left, take a last look around to verify that you have not left behind any of your possessions. Check the balcony, garage and storage room. Check one last time if you have putted the closing plug on the dishwasher income pipe and if you have read the utility meters accurately. If you notice any damages that are not your fault inform the landlord via hand written mail.

Do not forget that the rental unit will be checked by the landlord or letting agent after you have left, if you leave the property messy, the cleaning will be performed at your expense and the money will be taken from your security deposit so you should know better that there is noway out of dealing with this responsibility. Thus if you do not want to lose time in cleaning hire a cleaning company to do the end of tenancy cleaning. London offers a variety of contractors in the field.