Maintaining your bathroom clean is very important part of the domestic cleaning. In the previous part we began numbering the golden rules of bathroom cleaning. Now you will get to know the rest and be able to keep your bathroom clean and sanitised.

  • Use vinegar for cleaning of hard water stains. According to Cleaning Day, vinegar is the best thing to apply, when dealing with hard water deposits. Mix it with water and you will have a green and effective product.
  • Make glass surfaces streak-free with vinegar. Another thing, vinegar cleans perfectly, is glass. Just dip a sponge and wipe. The results will amaze you.
  • Remove scum with liquid fabric softener. After hard water deposits, soap scum is the next thing we must deal with, when cleaning our bathroom. You can get rid of it, with the use of fabric softener. Dissolve one cup of it in warm water and the soap scum will be gone from all surfaces.
  • Clean metal surfaces with lemon. Another natural cleaner, which is perfect for removing water spots of metal frames and chrome items. You can use either lemon oil or fresh squeezed lemon juice. Both will work great, cleaning will be effortless.
  • Hot steam for dirty walls. Bathroom walls aren’t cleaned every day. But when the time comes, you can speed up and ease up the process by running the shower water at its hottest temperature. The steam will loosen the dirt and all you’ll have to do is quickly mop the walls.
  • Polish your bathroom walls. Professionals from cleaning recommend polishing your shower walls with furniture polish to avoid dirt build ups.
  • Clean mineral deposits on the shower head. Extend the lifespan of your shower, by keeping it free of mineral deposits. Disassemble it and soak the parts in vinegar.