Like we show you how to spring clean your home, now we have the 10 golden rules of bathroom cleaning and you will be able to achieve it quick and almost effortless.

Every cleaner has its secrets. You ask Cleaning Day, if there is a way to maintain a bathroom spotless with minimal efforts? The answer is yes. Here are the 10 golden rules of bathroom cleaning.

  • Dry after each shower – This may sounds like a lot of work, but wiping the walls of your shower stall will prevent mildew from growing. Those formations look very bad, but what’s even more horrifying, is the fact, they are pretty dangerous for our health. Once they are a fact, measures must be taken immediately. Cleaning with harsh chemicals will be involved for sure, and the worst scenario – you will need to re-paint the whole bathroom. Now spending 2 extra minutes in there after a shower doesn’t seem like a bother.
  • Use disinfectant – When noticing your bathroom is prone to mould, you must act against it. Spray it from time to time with a bleach, or with the so called mildew inhibitor.
  • Provide good ventilation – If you have a window in your bathroom, you are considered to be lucky. It will help you to provide good ventilation. In case you don’t have one, leave the door slightly opened after you shower. According to our professionals, wet areas are perfect for mould to grow, so leave your bathroom dry and avoid dealing with those dangerous formations.

You can find out the rest golden rules of bathroom cleaning in the next part of this article.