Once the winter is over, the spring comes and what better time in the year to conduct a spring cleaning of your household. Open the windows and let the sunshine in, while you are organizing and decluttering your home. To facilitate the process here are some helpful tips from Martha Stewart.

Where to Start?

Begin by picking up all the items of the garage floor. Once you have picked them up, use the space above and hang as much objects as you can. You can also install some shelves on the walls to keep your instruments, bicycle and holiday decorations in order. A clutter free garage is much easier to maintain and clean. If you can’t do it yourself, book a one day cleaner. He will strictly follow your instructions and will save your time.

The kitchen

When done with the garage, move on to the kitchen. The kitchen is the most used room in a household that is why it is the messiest, especially after the winter. Therefore during the spring cleaning you must do a meticulous kitchen cleaning and organization. Begin by emptying all the cabinets and drawers. Once emptied wipe them clean and begin sorting your kitchen supplies and hardware. Store similar items together, for example gather the forks, knifes and spoons in one drawer and the dishes and glasses in the cabinet above. Purchase some hooks so that you can hang your kitchen towels instead of letting them lie on a random countertop.

Your home office

To arrange your home office begin by putting everything in its own place. Start by sorting all the documents that are scattered all over your bureau. Once sorted put them in folders and place the folders in a file cabinet. This way you will know which document is where. Now it is time to organize your bookcase, but first get down all the books and clean it. Dust both the shelves and the books. When done put the books back in the bookcase. To end the cleaning of the home office wipe clean your bureau and vacuum the carpet. It’s better to hire professional help to clean the carpet if it is too stained. In terms of carpet cleaning, City of London has a wide range of companies offering the service.