More people understand that most cleaning solutions contain dangerous chemicals which are a threat to our health. Therefore the majority of housewives prefer to make their own cleaning solutions and use common household ingredients to keep the house in perfect condition. If you’re also looking for a green cleaning methods this article is perfect for beginners. I’ll tell you about some of the most commonly used ingredients, and how to mix them for optimal results.

For Coffee Stains Use Baking Soda

The first one we’re going to look though is the almighty baking soda, if you’ve looked at forums and blogs this is probably the most commonly used cleaning agent. To tell you the truth it really works, everyone I’ve talked to is amazed by the results. I can give you an example where I was convinced in the amazing qualities of baking soda. According to Murphy’s laws if you decide to wear something white you’ll stain it right after you put it on.

It happened to me with a pair of white pants and a cup of coffee just before I went to work. I know that this type of stain can be removed successfully if you act right away so that is exactly what I did, although I was late for work. The first method is with cold water, but it didn’t work the stain was still there so I took the liquid dish-washing detergent and tried to gently remove it because I know that if you rub too hard you’ll only seal the stain. Again it didn’t work and I was about to give it up when I remembered what my mother told me that almost everything can be cleaned with baking soda. So I tried it, generously sprinkled the area with I and waited for about ten minutes. Soon the baking soda was dry and I removed it, imagine my surprise when the stain was gone. Believe it or not but it was really gone and I decided I was going to look for green cleaning recipes over the Internet.

Cleaning Rugs And Carpets With Vinegar

There are many but all include either baking soda or vinegar, to be honest I’ve tried only one recipe which includes vinegar. It is for cleaning rugs and carpets which otherwise need to be cleaned professionally. Here is the recipe so you can make it too if you want, you’ll need vinegar, household ammonia, water, liquid dish-washing detergent and a foam dispenser. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, open the windows first because the ammonia scent is really strong and make sure you follow the proportions strictly. Use one teaspoon ammonia, two teaspoons vinegar, three tablespoons liquid dish-washing detergent and two cups of lukewarm water. Pour the mixture in the foam dispenser, don’t apply it directly on the carpet or rug because you can damage it. Use only the foam and gently blot with a damp sponge, you’ll see how the dirt is transferred into the foam and the faded colours are returning. If course before you apply on a larger area do a spot test because some fabrics are extremely sensitive and delicate.

The Ultimate All Purpose Cleaner

One of my all time favourites it is homemade all-purpose cleaner which can be used for everything from washing the windows and mirrors to cleaning the floor, disinfecting the floor and washing your fruits and vegetables. All the ingredients are natural, therefore it is safe to use it around children and pets. However there is a disadvantage – you have to wit quite a lot for the solution to become ready for use, one to three months depending on the method you choose for the making. If you want to speed up the process I recommend you add yeast a teaspoon will be enough, that way you’ll have to wait only a month until it is ready. Now get a large bottle at least three litres because you’ll be making quite the quantity. Peel off three pounds of lemons, limes or grapefruit any citrus fruit you have at home – lemons will work the best. Pour two litres of water in the bottle and add seven tablespoons of brown sugar, shake until the sugar completely dissolves, add the peels and yeast. Seal the bottle and place it somewhere dark, make sure to check it often because it can explode. Shake it and open so the gas can go out, once the month has passed filter the liquid and you’re ready to clean. For tough stains and disinfection use the concentrated solution, for washing fruits dissolve it in 1:20 proportion. I recommend you do a spot test before you apply on new surface because it can damage it, also try a mild solution first and if the stain persists then use concentrate. Of course if you can’t do it yourself, feel free to book a service, provided by professional eco-friendly cleaning company.