Stained and stinking carpets are a shame to the owner. Serious staining, odours, and pet dander signify irresponsibility and can turn off visitors. A carpet should be prepared ready for the cleaning process, and this guide contains steps on how to prepare for carpet cleaning.

Carpets accumulate dirt and become smelly if not cleaned regularly.  The only way to give your carpets that fresh look and feel is to wash them frequently.

Carpet cleaning is a process, and it involves and requires the completion of different stages. The initial stage to achieving an impressively looking and fresh smelling carpet is preparations. 

How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Declutter your rooms

Cluttered rooms are impossible to navigate. You cannot tell which areas need to be cleaned first. Decluttering the room is the first carpet cleaning preparation method. It aids in the removal and proper placement of small items such as toys, coins, cables, clothes, and books. 

Getting these items organized provides quality access to the carpets, ensuring you can clean and get everywhere pretty clean with a fresh smell and look.

Don’t let those shoes or toys sit there unorganized. They will compromise the cleaning, making it impossible for you to realize the most desired cleanliness.

Move and arrange the furniture

One of the things that complicate the carpet cleaning process is furnishings and furniture. Moving furniture to allow for easy cleaning isn’t easy or fun. Even professional cleaners consider it a challenge since it does not only risk causing damage to the carpets, but also damaging the delicate furniture.

In preparing for carpet cleaning, moving, and organizing furniture is mandatory. Move the furniture and arrange them properly to expose the carpets for easy access and allow for seamless cleaning experiences. 

Portable carpet cleaners can reach and clean some hard-to-reach areas such as underneath tables and other similar furniture pieces.

Move the pets out of the room being cleaned

Pets aren’t friends to loud noises. They simply hate being in the same room with upholstery and carpet cleaning machines that make extreme noise levels. Placing your dogs and cats in another room away from the one you’re cleaning before you start the cleaning process is vital. 

Keep the pets away from cleaning products to minimize their fur from staining and dirtying the rooms while you are still cleaning the rooms.

So if you’re wondering how to prepare for carpet cleaning? One crucial thing you must do is to ensure your pets are safe and comfy. Keep the pets somewhere they are secure and wouldn’t cause any nuisance.

Analyse the carpets to understand what needs to be cleaned

Analyse your carpet’s state to understand the severity of staining and soiling. Different carpets require different types of cleaning tools and detergents. And so, when analysing your carpets, you must understand the carpet type and the staining severity so you can come up with the best carpet cleaning method.

Once you understand your carpet, you’ll get a vivid idea of how the cleaning method should be. It enables you to understand the areas that need more attention.  Also, through analysing the carpets, you will be able to know about any fraying, tears, and damages on the carpets. That way, you will be in a position to address them amicably.

Pre-treat the stains

Another of the tips and tricks on how to prepare for carpet cleaning is to pre – treat the carpet stains. Carpet pre – treatment aids to loosen up the tough stains, including old and pet stains, making cleaning easy and fun.

When doing it yourself, you’ve to pre-treat your carpets using a pre-treat formula. You can also use user-friendly DIY cleaning solutions like baking soda. Don’t use every pre-treatment as some can mess your carpet, leaving hard-to-clean residues. 

In other words, if cleaning the carpets yourself, you must ask around to know which pre-treatment solutions or formula is perfect for your type of carpet and severity of the staining.

Ensure your kids are safe

Don’t let your kids play around the workplace when carpet cleaners are doing their job. Allowing the kids to make the area being cleaned their play space can be quite hazardous. 

That’s true as the kids are at risk of being injured. They will as well disturb the cleaners, complicating the cleaning process, and delaying the project completion time.

You’ve to keep your kids away from the area being cleaned to ensure their safety and avoid complicating matters for the cleaning service providers. If your kids cannot stay in one place for long, you should consider moving them to a new place and locking them there. 

It’s strongly advisable you get the carpet cleaner to come to your place when the kids aren’t at home to avoid inconveniences.

Vacuum the rooms before cleaning

The last trick on how to prepare for carpet cleaning is to vacuum clean the rooms. Getting some of the trash and debris vacuumed before you start the cleaning process simplifies the cleaning procedure. Most of the carpet cleaning machines available today don’t have the power to pick up small dirt particles and gum wrappers.

That’s to say that trying to clean your carpets before you get small dirt particles vacuumed can prove a great challenge.  And so, if you want to deep clean your carpets and achieve the cleanest results.  Vacuuming works to remove additional dry soils and stains from the carpet fibers, making the cleaning process a bit easy and smooth.


If you want to know how to prepare for carpet cleaning, you now know what needs to be done and how it should be done. You need to understand that proper preparation for carpet cleaning requires you to keep your pets and kids safe and away from the room being cleaned.

Also, for a thorough and successful carpet cleaning, you should first start by vacuuming the carpets to remove the extra stains and dirt. Make the cleaning procedure more successful by working with experienced and qualified carpet cleaning specialists. DIY carpet cleaning still works, but you aren’t assured of achieving the purity and freshness you could have achieved if you trusted in a professional cleaner.