A well organized flat is much easier to clean when the time comes to move out. If all the rooms in the property are organized the cleaning and moving process is less stressful and laborious. In this article we will offer you some tips on how to organize the different rooms in the rented property before you call end of tenancy cleaning service to take care for the rest.

How To Organize Your Flat

Begin by remove everything from the bathroom countertops and drawers including from the shelves of the medicine cabinet. Then go through the piled products, lotions and so on and decide which items you are to keep and which are absolutely superfluous or outdated and you’d better throw away. Organize the items in such a manner that you can easily access your everyday items for example keep your toothbrush where you keep the toothpaste.When you are done organizing the items in your bathroom, don’t forget to clean the open surfaces in the premise and the mirror. Without a doubt the kitchen is the busiest area in any household. That is why it is important to have a properly organized kitchen, make sure the countertops in the kitchen are clutter free. Once done de-cluttering, organize your cabinets by item categories. Keep the glasses and dishes in one cabinet, and the spices in another, this way you will know what is where and you will have easy access to the needed objects.

Next in line is the bedroom. If your bedroom acts more like a storage room, get rid of all the clutter that doesn’t belong there. Continue by organizing your closet keep only the clothes that you wear regularly, the rest of the clothes you can donate to a non-profit organization. Get a laundry basket to put all your dirty clothes in. Once you have taken care of the clutter and closet, dust and vacuum the room so that you don’t breathe in the filthy air while you’re sleeping. An organized property means less work. Therefore your end of tenancy cleaning fee won’t be that costly.

Our Bonus Tip – How To Deodorize The Fridge

As you know, every tenant must clean his lodging when the time to move out comes. This is an obligation written in the rental contract, which has to be accomplished no matter what. But with so many chores, it is very easy to forget to clean something, something like the fridge. People, especially the ones in big cities, like London who have very stressful and tense life, very often forget food in their refrigerators. This food becomes a source of a disgusting smell after a while, and if the person doesn’t clean it soon, it will become even worse. Now, imagine how would a landlord react, if he finds this odour in the fridge, after the tenant has moved out. Yes, he won’t return the rental deposit of the tenant. But how to remove an odour from a refrigerator?

  • First of all you have to empty the appliance. Take all the food out of it, and throw everything stale and smelly in the garbage. Take the rubbish bags out, too, because you might end up with a smelly lodging, otherwise.
  • If there are any stains in your refrigerator clean them with vinegar/water solution.
  • Put an open box of baking soda in the fridge and close it. It will absorb all bad odours.

It is good to do this a day before you move out, as the box of bicarb has to remain in the appliance at least for a night. That’s it.