The easiest way to conduct end of tenancy cleaning is by hiring a professional cleaning service since you are the owner, they shall follow your checklist when cleaning. Your end of tenancy cleaning checklist shall also help the company quote a price.

As a tenant, you are only ready to move out after the end of tenancy cleaning. This is a duty you ought to do with keen attention not to leave out anything. Most landlords shall withhold your deposit until the premise looks clean just like you found it. 

When the landlord comes checking, he or she shall also have a checklist and chances are that it might be a replica of yours. Therefore, follow the below guidelines closely to ensure you develop the right checklist.

First, decide whether you are going to do it yourself or with a professional cleaning company

Before developing an end of tenancy cleaning checklist, it is crucial that you decide whether you are going to do it yourself or using a professional cleaning company. If you got enough spare time and resources, you can choose to do it yourself and save the bulk you should have used.

On the other hand, having the professionals do it for you is a good idea when you do not have the resources or know-how. A word of advice from us is that end of tenancy cleaning can be very demanding in terms of labour, time, chemicals and machinery, it is, therefore, advisable that you go for a professional cleaning company. 

You shall have them the list you develop and also have your copy for counter checking reasons.

Let us start with the equipment if you are going to do it yourself

You shall need a number of cleaning equipment to get ready, check for this:

  • Cleaning fluids

  • Brushes, soft and hard

  • Shampoo 

  • Your preferred cleaning fluid and detergent

  • Cleaning towels, cloths, and rags

  • Spray bottles 

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Bedroom(s)

Bedrooms are full of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. You shall have the carpets cleaned together with all the others through the house, just roll it up and get it outside. For effective cleaning of dust and dirt, start from the top of the room to the bottom.

  • Remove or have all the cobwebs removed. Most cobwebs shall have built up in the corners, ceilings and under bedroom furniture such as the bed

  • Have the mattresses vacuumed to remove loose dust and dirt? This should require a vacuum cleaner

  • Check the top of doors and wipe the dust and dirt that might have accumulated there

  • Wipe all your curtain rails while vacuuming the curtains to ensure they are clean

  • Wipe clean all the window edges where dust or dirt might have accumulated

  • Wall hangings such as the mirrors and the pictures might accumulate a lot of dirt over time. Ensure you wipe off all the dirt from such hangings

  • Most of the reachable surfaces such as the top of your wardrobe, shelves and so on also accumulate a lot of dust, ensure you wipe them clean

  • Lampshades, especially their top always have dust accumulated on them, ensure you wipe this clean

  • Do not forget the switches and sockets

  • Shift to the wall and check out for any dirty spots. Make sure they are all cleaned up. If the wall is too dirty and populated with such spots, then you might consider some painting

  • The hard floor should be moped through, if there are any stubborn spots created by your carpet, a professional cleaner shall have them removed

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the parts we expect shall have degraded a lot out of the constant use. The appliances and cooking process leaves oily dirt and germs that need to be cleaned out on your property and the premise. Here is a checklist for your kitchen

  • Start with the counter tops where most work is done, clean this thoroughly removing any stuck particles or dirt

  • Then move to the sink which is predictable near your counter top, clean the inside and underside of the sink. The underside might have cobwebs also, clear out this also

  • The top of drawers and shelves shall have accumulated loose dust and dirt, clear out such dirt. Also, check for cobwebs in the corners of the drawers and below shelves especially the part where they attach to the wall

  • Degrease the tiles on the walls and any other parts with greasy dirt

  • If you got any leftover foods, collect and dump them in the pit or in collection bags as per your premise dumping criteria

  • Wash and polish the taps to leave them sparkling clean

  • Clean up the greasy inside and outside your microwave(s)  

  • Wipe and clean the freezer and fridge

  • Collect, clean and arrange your cutlery in one place

  • Clean the window panes and wipe the window frames from outside and inside

  • Clean all your appliances, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and others. Clean outside for those that cannot be cleaned inside

  • Clean and sanitise your kitchen waste bins to have them clean again

  • Wipe loose dust and dirt from your door frames, handles, door stops, and all other furnishings

  • Clear any spots on the wall of your kitchen

  • Clean stubborn spots from the floor, vacuum it and finally have it polished to be sparkling clean

Bathrooms Cleaning Checklist

Mildew and dirt are common and easily identifiable in bathrooms, you do not want them to get your deposit slushed. Therefore, you shall need to give attention to the tiles, showers, toilets and so forth. Here is a complete end of tenancy checklist for your bathroom(s)

  • Remove all the hard water stains and limescale from the walls

  • Clean and polish all the taps, basins and any other available fittings

  • Wipe clean the towel rails, mirrors and all other glass surfaces including the windows

  • Get rid of all the mildew, bath marks then rinse the areas clean

  • Ensure the toothbrush area is clear of all the toothpaste marks and mess

  • Scrub and polish the shower heads and other metal surfaces 

  • Wipe clean the bathroom tiles to have them in their original colour

  • Give attention to the drains and remove any dirt around them and clean them

  • Clean the soap dispensers and rinse them to remain clear as you found them

  • Clean the toilets and their surrounding including their plumbings if possible

  • Wipe clean the bathroom extractor fans and the area surrounding them. Check for any additional stains and clear them out to leave your bathroom sparkling clean

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for the Carpets

Carpets are one of the parts your landlord or agent shall check. Given the strain involved in cleaning carpets, your professional cleaning service shall handle this. If you are planning to do it yourself, consider hiring a carpet cleaning machine for your own good. 

Check that the following is sparkling clean for the carpets:

  • See to it that carpet edges are not left out

  • All stains and spots on the carpet should be gone

  • Steam clean if need be

  • Also, clean all the loose dirt and dust

  • Shampoo to get rid of odours and refresh the carpets

Appliances Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your appliances is your duty and for your own benefit since you want to settle in wherever you are moving to with clean property. Here is a checklist for all your appliances:

  • The dishwasher and washing machine

  • Clear out food deposits and clean all the soap stains in your dishwasher

  • Wipe the dirt and mildew then clean the filters

  • Clean the rubber seals

  • Clean the underside and wipe the outside. Make sure you give keen attention to stains in and from the soap holder

  • Finally, wipe clean the dishwasher handles

The microwave and oven

  • Degrease the inside and outside, all the area around the extractor fan, hob, and grill

  • Remove any food deposits

  • Clean and degrease the oven racks and pans

  • Wipe and polish all buttons and rubber seals

  • Wipe the outside and remove any stains and marks to have them sparkling clean

The toaster

  • Wipe and polish the outside of your toaster

  • Clear up any grime and food left

  • Degrease the whole toaster

  • Degrease and clean the handles and the rubber stamps and all the buttons


When you are set to move out, an end of tenancy cleaning checklist is a must-have to get all the parts cleaned up in the right way. Remember to have all your property cleaned up too for your convenience. 

Landlords can also use this checklist to check that their tenant cleans up the premise the right way. Refer to your tenancy agreement to know the exact details you have to keep in order to get your customised list. 

Ensure the professional cleaners have this list to do it in the right manner. If you keenly follow the above checklist, you shall have peace of mind and a full deposit refund.