You finally need to move out and do not want any problems to make you miss your deposit. Life is always full of other even demanding duties, you might consider going for a professional cleaning company. So the question you’re yet to answer is how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost? 

Well, this might have had a single answer if we hand one cleaning company and all the factors constant. However, due to the different needs, preferences, and companies involved, many factors such as the size of your house or the quality of the cleaning service you need. Let us break this down below.

First, let’s understand the different types of professional cleaning services

How Much Does Regular Cleaning Cost?

This is the most frequent type of cleaning. Some individuals prefer a weekly domestic cleaning while others prefer a monthly basis cleaning. Most at times, you shall do light DIY cleaning weekly and have a professional service clear out the mess completely each end month. 

Companies differ in how they calculate their service amount. Some companies shall charge per hour of the job done, while others shall charge per room.

Typically, regular cleaning shall cost slightly above or below £15 per hour of service given. This shall differ from company to company.

How Much Does Deep Cleaning Cost?

This is thorough deep cleaning which is done less frequently due to its labour-intensive nature. This type of cleaning is usually done when you assess your house and feel they need a thorough cleaning. 

After about 3 months in a house with high traffic, the carpets and the surrounding area shall be dirty enough to necessitate deep cleaning. The price shall depend on a number of factors including the size of the house and the extent of the mess.

Deep cleaning usually costs as low as £126 to as high as £270. You have to check out and consider the many factors we shall explore later to get a more accurate estimate for your house.

Cleaning a home when leaving due to rent

When leaving a premise due to rent, you are not likely to be interested in a deposit. Therefore, you shall only need a professional service to have your property cleaned up. 

You shall need to pack up your property and scout for an ideal professional cleaning service. Cleaning this kind of property shall require deep cleaning.

Depending on factors like the bulk of your property and others, the price shall be between £130-£230. This shall have reduced the high price you should have paid for complete cleaning, but still, your deposit could have easily covered this.

How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost for Carpets?

Carpet cleaning is always a strenuous job, given the mass fibers used to make carpets. When you lay a carpet, the floor shall develop stains which might be hard to do away with yourself. 

Landlords also have a keen eye to notice this as a basis of cutting your deposit. Therefore, to have it right, you shall have to go for a professional cleaning service.

The price for carpet cleaning varies according to the equipment and level of expertise your chosen company is going to bring with them. Typically, a company shall assess the size of your carpet(s) and the level of mess to arrive on an amount between £40-£110

Cleaning specific premise areas or appliances

Sometimes, you might prefer that some appliances or areas like doors and windows be cleaned separately. Part of your house might be clean and call for cleaning of only specific parts or appliances that are dirty. 

This kind of cleaning ensures that a specific place or appliance is cleaned appropriately. It also saves the amount you would have used to clean the whole premise.

The price shall be based on the part or appliance you need to clean. Your chosen professional cleaning company shall inform you of this once they access that part or appliance, there are no specific rates for this type of cleaning.

What Makes Up the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

To help us reach an informed approximation, let us look into what end of tenancy cleaning involves. Each professional cleaning company shall have its own end of tenancy cleaning checklist. 

This is because the end of tenancy cleaning when leaving or moving into a premise involves deep cleaning of almost all points of the house. Typically most professional cleaning service shall have the below end of tenancy cleaning checklist:

  • The kitchen includes all the appliances in there, carpets, doors, and windows

  • The bedroom including the windows, wall, ceiling, wardrobes, dressers and much more

  • The living room, that is the carpets, windows, sills, soft and hard flooring

  • General cleaning including locks, bins, keys and so forth

  • Additional extra cleaning like your yard, ditches and ducts, rails, driveways and so forth

How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

We cannot point out the exact price given the many factors involved. Therefore, we shall only give average prices that are subject to minor changes. 

In the UK

For a studio, you shall have to pay from £95 to £240. This shall solely depend on the cleaning company and services you shall need, the lesser the cheaper.

Two and three-bedroom premises cost from £140 to £315 also dependent on a number of factors.

For large family houses with more than four bedrooms, you shall work with the price of £185 to £525

In London

The price for studio flats shall range from £98 when you need cleaning alone, and up to £130 when you need additional deep cleaning services.

For a one-bedroom, it shall be between £132-£172 depending on the number of services you need to be done.

For a two-bedroom, the price shall range from £154-£214 also depending on the number of services you need.

For a 3 bedroom, you shall have to pay from £194 to £268 according to the services you need.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Company for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Check for reviews and the reputation

Checking out for reviews, both positive and negative shall help you determine the quality of services a professional cleaning company offers. 

To do this the right way, you should be sure to check out independent reviews before those on their website since those on their website might be manipulated.

Do your company search online

Scout for the professional eot cleaning companies online. If you need to reach them, make a call or send a mail to inquire. This shall help you save time and the resources you should have spent visiting each physical.

Ensure you choose a professional cleaning company

End of tenancy cleaning is a labour-intensive task that calls for enough machines and chemicals. This can only be done the right way using a professional cleaning company, regular companies only suited for light maintenance cleaning can mess up your plan.


How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost? The above guide gives you an understanding of how the pricing works. You shall have realised that the size of your house and the number of cleaning services you need shall determine the price you pay. Ensure you look for a good professional company. Additionally, ensure you check out for their reputation to ensure you do not go wrong. If you consider all the above factors, you get peace of mind and your deposit back.