So the time to leave the rented flat has come. Therefore you must do the end of tenancy cleaning to get your deposit back. You can either do it yourself which is a good idea as you will save money or you can use a professional cleaning services company. Going for the second option will save you time but it will cost a certain amount of money. As you see both alternatives have their pros and cons to consider. Generally you should base your decision on whether you can handle proper deep cleaning instead of counting money and time lost.

Our Expert Tips

Whatever you decide be careful because your deposit is at stake and the job cannot be postponed any further that your deadline. Just in case you decide to do it yourself here are some basic tips that can help you:

  • Dusting – do not wipe any surfaces at a higher level than your handspun as you will end up spreading dust everywhere.
  • Eliminating pet hair – wet the fingertips of a rubber glove and pass your hand over the furniture and surfaces. The pet hair should stick right to it.
  • Distraction – if you get easily distracted during cleaning, set a deadline. For example you can set a 30 minutes limit to clean the bedroom. This will help you stay focused.
  • Wine stains – foam shaving cream can help you remove many red-wine spills on a carpet.
  • Bathtub and shower – using harsh cleaners start scrubbing the shower and bathtub with caution. When finished, rinse the cleaning residue.
  • Picking up – take a basket or bucket and start picking everything that has been left randomly all over the place. Then sort them in three groups: objects to keep, to throw away and to donate.
  • Removing food odors – when your fridge or food containers start smelling like old food, wash them with warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda solution.
  • Vacuuming – not everything can be vacuumed. Some surfaces need to be cleaned with lint rollers.
  • Music – if you get bored cleaning you can always get back motivated when putting on your favourite compilation. My favourite now is Deadpool OST!!!
  • Removing stickers – Use a cotton pad or Q-tip soaked with alcohol in order to remove stubborn price tags and refrigerator stickers.
  • Cleaning glass – use old newspaper instead of paper towels or cloths to clean mirrors, windows and glass surfaces.
  • Garbage – pack every unnecessary item in garbage bags and throw it away.
  • Carpet cleaning – this is a job better left to the professionals. Our advice is to hire an expert carpet cleaning service.

If all this seems too much to handle, call the big guys to do the final clean. If you are looking for a company that offers end of tenancy cleaning in Fulham, look online or check out Yell or Yelp.