Are you eagerly looking to know how does carpet cleaning work? We will help you know the basics of professional carpet cleaning and why cleaning carpets aids to extend their life and keeps them looking impressive.

Commercial and residential carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Most homeowners shy away from hiring professional carpet cleaners since they consider it quite costly. 

Others stay clear from hiring the services of carpet cleaners because they aren’t sure whether it truly works. Carpet cleaners are skilled and fully equipped for the job, and so hiring one comes with the assurance of super impressive cleaning results.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work – Cleaning Process and How Every Stage Works

There are multiple processes involved in the carpet cleaning process. Here is everything that makes the carpet cleaning process.


Carpet cleaning starts with pre-inspection. Whether DIY or conducted by a professional, pre-inspection enables the cleaning crew to identify issues and address them professionally. 

In the case of a professional inspection, pre-inspection will present an excellent opportunity for the carpet cleaners to understand the amount of cleaning work needed and the quality of the expected results.

Pre-inspection is also done to determine what needs to be moved and what should not. Through pre-inspection, the cleaning professionals get a clue of the amount of clutter to be removed and whether pre-vacuuming is needed.


After pre-inspection, the next step will be to pre-vacuuming the carpets. Pre-vacuuming is done to clean off the dust and stains accumulated on the carpet surfaces and underneath furniture pieces. Professional carpet cleaners use commercial-grade vacuum cleaning machines to loosen up and clean fine soils, loose hairs, and pet dander.

Getting these dirt particles vacuumed and cleaned before wet cleaning prevents them from sticking to the carpets, making them hard to clean. If not vacuumed and removed, soils, hairs, and pet dangers will stick to the carpets during the wet cleaning process.

Moving furniture

In understanding how does carpet cleaning work, you must understand what goes on into furniture moving. Carpet cleaning can never be a success if the furniture is not moved to provide easy access to the carpeted areas. One of the things professional carpet cleaners do is to move the furniture to the rooms that are not being cleaned.

Moving big and heavy furniture such as coaches, tables, cabinets, and chairs needs a high level of professionalism and carefulness. 

And that’s why we advise working with a professional carpet cleaning company that employs staff that is trained to move and organize heavy and delicate furniture pieces. That way, moving your furniture and belongings won’t be a big deal.

Pre-spaying and spot removing

Carpet cleaners will now apply concentrated carpet-cleaning agents to the carpet. The work of the cleaning agent is to loosen up the sticky held soils and break down the sticky oils. The presence of soils and oils creates room for dirt accumulation.

Use a stain removal agent to get rid of stubborn stains such as blood, oil, Kool-Aid, and coffee. The stubborn nature of the stains and dirt particles makes them a bit difficult to clean. That’s the reason you should work with a professional spot removing specialists or else use the right cleaning solutions. 

Professional carpet cleaning companies work with trained and specialized carpet cleaning specialists who understand the process of cleaning carpet stains superbly well.

Power scrubbing and extraction

The next procedure in understanding how does carpet cleaning work involves scrubbing the carpets and extracting dirt. Professional carpet cleaners use power scrubbers to loosen up the firmly held soils and break down those stubborn oil and stained surfaces. 

The power scrubbing process cannot be neglected or avoided under any circumstance. Through power scrubbing, professional carpet cleaning specialists can reach and clean those hard-to-clean stains and oils, achieving premium cleaning results.

Along with power scrubbing, extraction works to deliver clean work. Extraction is specifically done to rinse the remaining dirt and stains. Professional cleaning companies employ the latest most efficient van mounted cleaning systems to efficiently rinse off the remaining dirt and cleaning agents used during the cleaning process. 

The extraction process involves the use of more carpet-friendly rinsing agents that do a clean job of rinsing all the agents without causing more dirt and agent accumulation.

Deodorizing and neutralizing

The next step in carpet cleaning involves neutralizing and deodorizing. These are among the last methods that finalize the carpet cleaning process. Qualified carpet cleaners pride in the use of freshly smelling and clean deodorizers to give your carpets a fresh feel and smell. 

Deodorizes can be extraordinarily fragrant, and so, if anyone in your house is sensitive to perfumes, you should ask the cleaning specialist to skip this procedure.

The final process in carpet cleaning involves the application of a neutralizer. The purpose of the neutralizer is to remove the sticky alkali residue left after the cleaning process. They work to improve the state of the carpets, giving them a more natural and neutral state that won’t be prone to rapid dirt accumulation. 

You should get your chosen professional carpet cleaner to use a user-friendly and environmentally-friendly neutralizer unless you are ready to deal with the severe side effects of chemical-based neutralizers.

Grooming the carpet

Finally, you should get your carpets groomed.  Having cleaned your carpet and having the assurance it looks and feels great, you should now apply the final touches to add flavour and superiority to the way the carpets look. 

Of course, cleaning the carpets following the steps we have outlined above guarantees a fresh and clean looking carpet. However, that doesn’t mean the carpet is free of the cleaning strokes and footprints. That’s because they haven’t been removed yet, and unless you do it, your carpet will still have such ugly marks.

Professional cleaning companies conduct the carpet grooming procedure intentionally to remove all the cleaning strokes and footprints. It is done to give your carpet unique and uniform looks that make them stand out from the rest. The carpet grooming process is also done to raise the carpet fibers, which works to speed up the carpet drying time.