The carpet cleaning process involves complex and detailed metrics that need proper planning and handling. Carpet cleaning under beds is one of the most complicated undertakings for many.

Of course, anyone can assess a room and schedule a cleaning date, but that doesn’t mean everyone has what it takes to reach every part of the carpet, clearing off all dust and dirt. 

Unless you understand what goes into the carpet cleaning process and how to deal with complex carpet cleaning tasks, it would be complex to achieve the finest of results. Learn and master the game of cleaning carpets under beds, so you can always keep these areas looking and smelling fresh.

Ways to Do Carpet Cleaning Under Beds

Use duct tape and a broom handle

The first carpet cleaning under beds hack that works miracles involves using a broom’s handle.  A broom’s handle can deliver the same or even better results as its brush-end when used in carpet cleaning under the beds. 

The trick involves creating an adhesive duster-like material out of a broom’s handle and duct tape.

Get the duct tape and wrap it around the broom’s handle to create a roll that can move smoothly back and forth. Using the roller you just created, collect the dirt particles and stains under your bed. It requires using fresh tape and a long broom handle to do a thorough job and reach all parts beneath your bed.

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Make use of dusters with long handles

Another of the most creative carpet cleaning under beds hack involves using standard dusters. Even though cleaning the carpet spaces under the beds is complex and demanding, you don’t have to spend so much money on the same. 

You can use the readily available materials such as your long-handled dusters, and still achieve quality results.

Look for dusters with extendable handles to ease the work of cleaning the areas underneath your bed that prove a hard nut to crack. Dusters from top brands have wonderful microfibers that can reach and clean every stain and dirt particle under the bed. Look for a duster that has an extended handle that can accommodate every carpet section under the bed.

Use a blow dryer or fan

The technique of using a fan or blow dryer to blow away dust bunnies has been used for centuries. However, most people tend to neglect the power of these little yet powerful equipment available at their disposal that can aid make the cleaning process quicker and more fruitful. 

If you’ve always wanted to know what else you can use your fan or blow dryer for, you can use it in blowing away those dust bunnies under the bed.

Set your blow dryer or fan so that it can generate air and pressure at the highest speed possible. That’s to ensure you can blow away all the dust and stains underneath your bed.  Blowing will only move the dust bunnies from under the bed, and so you need a vacuum cleaner, duster, and broom to wipe them clean.

Vacuum the carpet areas underneath your bed

Almost every vacuum machine can be used in vacuuming under the best. However, only vacuuming machines with the right features and functions can deliver excellent results. Consider getting a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush. These have the power and potency to clean everything under your beds.

Some smart vacuum cleaners have an extension wand. These are designed to allow for easy access to areas that are tough to reach. Use the mattress attachment on your vacuum cleaner to reach and clean the sides, bottom, and top of the mattresses. 

In case you don’t understand which attachments to use, just flatten the vacuum cleaner and throw it underneath your bed for it to perform its magic.

Use a robot vacuum cleaner

The last carpet cleaning under beds hack involves using a robot vacuum cleaner. We all agree that vacuuming large rooms and hard-to-reach areas isn’t fun or easy. Even with the right supplies and attachments in place, vacuuming can prove quite a big challenge. 

That’s the reason most people are an option for more sweat-free and user-friendly alternatives.

The robotic vacuum cleaners are the ultimate solutions for handling most carpet cleaning projects. They do simply and personalize the entire process of cleaning carpets underneath beds. 

There are multiple robotic vacuum brands that are selling well with Roomba and iRobot being the most preferred choices. These two have stood the test of time and are doing superbly great when it comes to performance and reliability.

When and Why You Should Clean The Carpet Areas under the Bed

The areas underneath the bed are quite often neglected during routine cleaning. You’ll be surprised to note that most people have never cleaned the carpets under their beds. What we tend to forget is that these areas accommodate dirt, which, if not cleaned, can have serious health effects. 

Getting the areas underneath your bed cleaned at least once or twice a month is highly recommended.

Cleaning the carpet sections under the bed does minimize dirt accumulation and helps keep anything stored under the bed clean and dust-free. 

Treating the cleanliness of these areas abnormally comes with the threat of you having to invest so much on professional steam carpet cleaning services. In worst-case scenarios, you will be forced to replace your carpets quite regularly.


The secret to keeping your bedroom smelling fresh is not entirely based on cleaning and maintaining the carpets clean. One often neglected secret is to clean the areas underneath the beds and other furniture. 

Most people keep the open spaces of their bedrooms looking smart and clean, forgetting that the areas underneath the beds also have an impact on the house’s feel and smell.

We all understand that the process of cleaning the spaces underneath a bed isn’t easy. However, with the five well-researched and time-proven techniques outlined above, you can always keep such areas clean with minimal to no hassle. That will avoid instances when you’ll be forced to replace the carpets regularly.