There are a couple of methods to get your carpet clean. In this many ways, we have to get down to the most efficient and proper method to get this done for you. What is the best way to clean carpet that suits your needs?

In this case, we will have to consider some factors here before we find out the best way to clean the carpet. Do you need a method that takes the least time? Or you need one that uses the least resources? 

Chemical-free carpet cleaning can be the best method your looking for. Below, we go in-depth to give you the best faces of each method, we shall then leave you to choose the best method that suits your needs.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet That Takes the Least Time

Time might be what you are chasing, in this case, the best method for you shall be that which takes the least time. This method is dry cleaning your carpet using the many approaches as we are going to explore below. 

We take dry cleaning as the fastest since, unlike other methods, dry cleaning doesn’t have to take time to dry up, you clean and use almost immediately.

Dry Cleaning Using a Cleaning Compound Method

This method is quite different from the snow method but it is efficient and easy. In this case, we will opt for a slightly moist cleaning compound or a dry compound. The method is the same for both the moist and the dry compound. Follow through the below steps to have an easy time cleaning with this method.

Step 1

Spread the cleaning compound on the surface of the carpet while carefully brushing it in. The cleaning compound gets attracted to the dirt on the carpet.

Step 2

Allow the carpet some time to dry so that the dirt can get attracted properly to the compound. This step is necessary to allow some of the chemicals in the compound to evaporate with some of the dirt before vacuuming.

Step 3

After the drying time, simply vacuum the surface of the carpet. If you used a moist compound, light vacuuming is not bad since much of the dirt evaporates with the moist compound.

Dry compounds do a better job cleaning your carpet but you will have to vacuum the surface thoroughly to make the carpet clean.

Snow Dry Cleaning

Snow is a cheap and easiest method to dry clean your carpet. You need to use dry snow and avoid soggy snow since wet snow shall make your carpet wet and call for drying time. This is how you should dry clean using snow in the right manner.

Step 1

Carefully roll your carpet and move it out of the house. Softly beat up the sides of your carpet to let off the dust and loose dirt from the carpet which actually initializes the process of snow cleaning your carpet. 

Find a cool place outside the house where you can hang the carpet.

Step 2

Place the rug in the identified cool place outdoors for a while, preferably an hour to make the carpet cool. This avoids snow melting on the surface of the carpet, soaking it. 

After the hour, identify a place with clean, dry snow where you can lay the carpet.

Step 3

With the surface of the carpet facing the snow, lay it down on the clean and dry snow surface making sure the whole surface is covered by the snow. With the back of a broom, beat the back surface of the carpet over and over until you cover the entire surface of the carpet.

Step 4

Turn over the carpet to have the front surface face upwards. Beat the surface like in step three, making sure you cover the whole surface again. 

When you are done with this step the dust should come over by itself as we expect but if that isn’t the case, have the third and fourth step repeated until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Step  5

Return the carpet to where it was hanged before you started cleaning it for an hour before you get it back to the house.

This method is excellent for dry cleaning since it goes on to kill bacteria which is certainly an added advantage to the ease of cleaning your carpet.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet That Uses the Least Resources

When we talk of the least resources, we mean using the naturally available ingredients to make your own cleaner than clean your carpet at home. 

You shall notice that this takes the least amount of time with effective cleaning. This is how to do it – by making your own carpet cleaning solution

  • Materials needed:

  • Half a cup of distilled vinegar

  • Large spray bottle

  • 10 drops of essential  oil

  • A teaspoonful  of salt

  • A narrow funnel

  • A cup of water


  • With the funnel in the spray bottle mouth, pour a cup of water and half a cup of white distilled vinegar. It is important to include vinegar in the ingredients since it removes stains and odours from the carpet during the cleaning. If you decide to use straight vinegar, make sure you dilute it with water

  • Add the tablespoonful of salt to the contents in the spray bottle. Salt is important since it binds the stains together. It s even advised that you apply salt on hard to remove stains first before using this carpet cleaner. The salt should dry before you vacuum it up.

  • Add the ten drops of essential oil one after the other to the spray bottle. The essence of having essential oil in the recipe is that the oil is a factor of deodorisation and also possesses some antibacterial properties which the cleaning a little more efficient. It is, however, important to note that no coloured essential oil is needed since the colour can inhibit stain removal properties.

  • Add some water to rinse the funnel top while shaking off the residual matter into the funnel using the end of your spray top tube end.

  • Replace the spray top on the spray bottle, covering the bottle properly and then shake the bottle properly to make sure the ingredients mix up properly.

  • At this point, your homemade carpet spray is ready for use and you can comfortably apply it on your carpet to have it cleaned within a short time. This is the best carpet cleaning method when you need to save on the cleaning solutions.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet and Avoid Chemicals?

Chemicals used to make professional cleaning solutions are not very good for both our health and that of your pet. If you want to do a chemical- carpet cleaning, then this is the best for a method for you.

Consider using vinegar for stains

White distilled vinegar is an instant solution. All you need to do is apply it to the problem area, leave it for some time then bloat out to get a clean carpet. 

Use baking soda as a deodoriser

You need no chemicals to deodorise your carpet. All you need is half a cup of baking soda mixed in some of your essentials. Spray this mixture sparingly and evenly on your carpet and let it stay for about 30 minutes. Vacuum up the area to finish this process.

By hiring a professional cleaning service

For those who are caught up with their schedule, you do not have to squeeze time to mix solutions. There are a number of eco-friendly carpet cleaning services that you can trust to have them clean your carpet. 

Ensure you look for a service with organic or better still chemical free carpet cleaning solutions. Go a step further go confirm the solutions they prepare to use when they arrive since some advertise organic cleaning cor the sake of it.


What is the best way to clean the carpet? From the above guide, you shall realise that the best shall be dictated by your needs. We have taken a keen note to give each one of you the best method by giving options to choose from. 

Whichever method you shall choose shall work out perfectly, just be careful to follow the instructions so that you do not mess up. All we wish you is the best experience cleaning or having your carpet cleaned up, thanks for reading.