Machine cleaning takes a little time with less effort. That said, machine carpet cleaning hikes up your electricity bills. That is why today we are going to guide you through the best way to clean carpet without a machine.

Still, a carpet given the touch of your hand gets all parts clean including the corners which machines are bound to leave out. Sometimes, you might be having a relatively smaller house with fewer carpets, the best method to clean such carpets is through hand washing. 

Most people prefer cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner as it’s easier and more convenient.

Tools such as brooms, dustpan, carpet sweeper, might come in handy when cleaning a carpet. What they lack in convenience, they make up for it in efficiency.

Other tools like these to use will prove more effective than a vacuum cleaner in the long run. This article spells it all out for you.

Here Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

If you hate the noise a vacuum cleaner produces, then it is time we give you a sweet alternative that is going to save on your bills. With the below method, you shall have all the debris, dust and dirt out of your carpet within no time. This is how to go about it.

Use a Broom and Dustpan in Place of a Vacuum

It might look like dating back, but what if it’s effective enough to save that extra buck? To get all the loose dirt, dust and debris from the fibers of your carpet, use a broom and dustpan.

Your brush or broom got to be hard enough, if not, tie the bristles together to make it better. Use your broom or brush to scrub off the dirt and dust from your carpet. For better results, brush in the same direction. Repeat this multiple times until all the dirt is gone.

A soft brush shall slide on the carpet rather than reaching the deeply tucked debris and dirt.

Use a Carpet Sweeper in Place of a Vacuum

Instead of having to tie bristles or going shopping for the ideal brush in the above method, a carpet sweeper might help you out. So, what is a carpet sweeper?

A carpet sweeper is a manual quiet carpet sweeping tool with rollers fitted with brushes. It uses your energy, such that, as you roll it over your carpet, the brushes clean out any dirt or dust in your carpet. The dirt is then collected in a collector and all you gotta do is detach the collector and dump the collected waste.

This tool is lightweight and demands little knowledge to use. Forget about all the buttons and mechanisms of a vacuum cleaner.

Get Creative with Packaging Tape to Clean Pet Fur On Your Carpet

If you got packaging tape, it can stand-in for a vacuum cleaner. I know you’re asking yourself how on earth? But it’s this simple. 

Take your packaging tape and roll it upside down on a hard material like a scrap piece of wood. Place it such that the sticky part faces the outside. Not hold your ready tool in your hand and press it hard against your carpet on the problem area. The adhesive on your tape shall get all the loose fur out of your carpet. That is, you are done.

However, do not count on this to clean your whole carpet, it might get labour-intensive and get you back pains in the evening, so take care. Here are more tips to clean any carpet stain.

Hand Wash Your Carpet in Place of a Carpet Cleaning Machine

The other best way to clean carpet without a machine is through hand washing. Through this, you can easily deep clean your carpet and keep the professional’s share for the next round. 

Still, you have to try and avoid chemical carpet cleaners. They work like magic but also spoil your carpet at that same pace. Consider going natural. This is how to do it.

Mix a mild detergent readily available at home with water and get to the task. Scrub your carpet using a bard brush dipped in your mixture. Clean out until all the dirt and debris goes off. After this, leave your carpet undisturbed to dry up.

If your carpet got stains that do not go off with the general cleaning, then it calls for some vinegar or baking soda. Apply a generous amount of baking soda on the stains and let it sit for about 24 hours. You can reduce the waiting time according to the stubbornness of such a stain. Vinegar can still work well for such stains.

After it has stayed long enough, blot the agents out to get your clean carpet. 

Now you are asking, what about the odour, how do I deal with it?

Odours can be very disturbing, to remove them, you only need vinegar and baking soda. 

Spread the baking powder on the problem area and let it stay overnight.

Add a portion of white vinegar on top of the baking soda after 24 hours and let it stay for up to 15 minutes

Now blot the agents from your carpet to achieve a clean carpet free from odour. It is advisable that you rinse out the problem area with clean water and bring it to dry.

After this, use a hard brush to bring the carpet fibers back to shape. That is it.


The best way to clean carpet without a machine entails clearing the dust and dirt particles first. After this, you need to hand wash your carpet and get the stains and fur out. Then bring your carpet to dry and brush for the last time to reform the fibers of your carpet. 

Now that you have gone machine free, we also advise that you go chemical-free and embrace natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar. 

We hope that you are now fully guided and ready to get that carpet clean without hiking your electricity bills, and have the best carpet cleaning time, bye.