One of the most disturbing things is having your electricity bill hiked out by carpet machine cleaners. The other is using expensive, overrated carpet cleaning agents. Everyone is always looking for the cheapest way to clean the carpet. 

As you can guess, resorting to more natural means and avoiding machines can save you that extra pound. This is why we compiled the cheapest methods to clean your carpet here.

How to Clean Carpet

Clean your carpet without a steamer

A steamer is one of the tools that hikes up electric bills. The cheapest way to clean carpet is by doing away with a steamer and resorting to this method. 

You will need:

  • A piece of absorbent cloth or towel

  • Warm water

  • Baking soda

  • A soft brush

  • A stiff brush

First, use a stiff brush to remove all the loose dirt and dust. Brush towards the same direction for effective results. If your brush isn’t stiff and gives in, you can consider tying up its bristles using a rope or rubber band.

After this, spread baking soda evenly on the stained parts of your carpet. Use the soft brush or an old towel to scrub the stained parts adding the warm water sparingly on the baking soda.

Leave these parts to dry off; you will need a vacuum cleaner to finish the process. You just cheaply got your carpet clean without using a steamer.

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Cheap and Nature-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, machines are one part of carpet cleaning that eats into your pocket. Luckily, we have an effective method of cleaning your carpet without any machine. This is how you do it:

You will need:

  • Baking soda

  • Table salt

  • Spray bottle

  • Absorbent cloth or towel 

  • A stiff brush

  • Detergent

Mix the prescribed soap solution with cold water and fill the spray bottle. Spread a generous amount of salt or baking soda on areas with spill spots and sprinkle some water on the same spotted areas. 

Rub the areas with a towel to make your mixture seep deeper into the fibres of your carpet. Leave the areas to stay for about 20 minutes.

Get clean water and a cloth or towel. Clean the areas with clean water and dry up with a towel or cloth. 

Now lightly sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and use a big brush to clean up.

Rinse your carpet with clean water and dry it up with towels.

Let your carpet dry up at room temperature. 

You can use the fan or air conditioner to hasten the drying process.

Effective solutions for cleaning your carpet

One hack to clean carpets is using locally available home cleaning solutions. These solutions give you a chemical-free carpet cleaning solution. You only need to get creative and remove dirt, dust, and odour.

A mixture of water, vinegar and soap

Add half a tsp of white vinegar to about 0.5l of warm water. Add the prescribed amount of soap to finish your homemade carpet cleaning solution. This shall work to clean all tricky spots on your carpet. It can also be used for general carpet cleaning.

Use club soda for blood and wine stains

Club soda has proven to effectively clean up blood and wine stains. Apply a generous amount of club soda on the problem area, then use a soft brush or old toothbrush to scrub it into your carpet’s fibres. Rinse the area using a towel or piece of cloth to get rid of the spot.

Use non-dyed shaving cream to remove stains

Shaving cream comes in handy to clear most of the common carpet stains. All you need to do is rest on the stained part for about 15 minutes then rinse it with a towel to have a clean, spotless carpet.

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Cheaply clean your carpet using snow

This is the cheapest and easiest method to clean your carpet. All you have to do is take advantage of the built-up snow outside to clean your carpet fully. Hence, winter should cut your carpet cleaning expenditure which might be used for your air conditioner with heat. 

Take note that this method is labour-intensive and shall require more hands in the case of big carpets. This is how to use snow in cleaning your carpet:

Roll up your carpet and shake off the loose dirt and dust outside. Leave it outside for a few minutes to get it to adjust to the outside temperature.

After this, spread your carpet upside down or normally on the snow. Flip the dry snow onto your carpet if you laid it normally. If you laid it upside down, you do not have to flip the snow since the fibres are already in contact.

Beat the snow into your carpet fibres using the flat side of your long brush. After this, let the carpet stay undisturbed for about 30 minutes. During this time, the ammonia in snow shall solidify dirt and grime with the help of the cold air, making it fall off your carpet easily.

Now shake off the snow from your carpet. You shall have some remaining even after a vigorous shake. Let your carpet rest in the sun for up to 20 minutes to do away with the remainder snow particles. 

The snow shall evaporate without getting your carpet wet and hence a successful cheap dry clean.


The cheapest way to clean carpets at home is by using locally available materials. Leaving out most machines shall help you cut out the extra buck you should have spent on electricity and maintenance bills. As you can see, with the right techniques and simple implements, you can get your carpet sparkling clean cheaply. Have an easy time cleaning your carpet, bye.