The warmth and luxurious feel your carpet gives the soles of your legs makes us feel at home. However, after regular use, it gets dirty and stained which calls for deep cleaning. That is why today, we shall show you how to deep clean carpet by hand at home with the below step by step guide or use our carpet cleaning service if you are located in London.

How water extraction cleaning might not be appropriate at times. In those cases you want to hand-clean your carpet. The fact that you do not know where to start, the tools to use or how to do it might be discouraging. 

What Are the Tools and Cleaners That You Shall Need?

To simplify your cleaning process, you need simple and readily available tools at home. Some of the cleaners can already be available at home although you must shop for others.


1. A towel(s)

2. An old toothbrush

3. A clean rag

4. A bucket

If you plan to deep clean a large piece, you can increase the number of tools to use.


  1. Ammonia – for stain removal

Ammonia shall be your number one companion when you need those stain patches cleared out. To do it right, follow the below steps:

  • Pour 10 ml of ammonia in 500 ml of water

  • Add 1 tsp of your chosen washing powder to your mixture and stir well

  • Apply your resultant mixture generously to the stain

  • Rub the stain using a soft brush to clean

  • Now wipe the spot using a dry towel

  • Do the same to all stains and allow your carpet to dry and you are done

  1. Gasoline & Vinegar – For oily patches

Oily patches can be stubborn when cleaning your carpet. You do not need any machine to clean such oily spots; what you need is just gasoline or maybe vinegar.

Dampen a piece of cloth or towel in vinegar and wipe the oily part repeatedly clear. You just did away with the oily patches on your carpet. 

Vinegar can also deal with surface stains, the most obvious and common stains your carpet shall have. 

  • Just mix 2 tsp of vinegar in about 0.8 liters of water 

  • Using a soft brush, scrub the carpet surface with stains intensively  clean

  • Dry your carpet at room temperature to have the smell of vinegar removed

  1. Baking soda – for odours, dust, and dirt

After regular use, it is common for a carpet to develop odours. For pet owners, you understand better how irritating this can be. Baking soda comes in to absorb such odours in the following manner

1. Have 5 tsp of baking soda spread on your carpet

2. Let it stand for about half an hour undisturbed

3. Now, brush and clean your carpet with a broom

The result is a neat odourless carpet. White carpets should not give you trouble. Switch to fine salt, starch or even freshly grated potatoes to clear the mess.

  1. Laundry Soap – Clear most spots and generally clean your carpet

Cleaning your carpet using laundry soap can be tricky and give you a sticky, dull finish. To do it right, make sure you do the following:

  • Never apply such soap directly on your carpet. It can be tricky to get rid of it later

  • Instead, mix about 5 grams of laundry soap in about 0.6 litres of clean clear water

  • Use a brush to evenly distribute your mixture on the carpet

  • Go easy when scrubbing to avoid spoiling your carpet

  • Finish cleaning with a damp towel

  • Use a dry carpet to wipe the carpet and dry at room temperature

How to Deal with Stains

Stains are a big problem. How best can you do away with them?

At home or any other place, it is common for carpets to get stained with coffee spills, blood, tea and so forth. Different stains need different approaches when cleaning by hand. In case of this, do the following for each stain.

  1. Coffee & tea stains

If the spill is fresh, use a dry to dry up the problem area. Likewise, if the spill is already dry, dampen a piece of cloth or towel with vinegar and let the carpet stay undisturbed overnight or 24 hours.

After this, use well-prepared soap water (as described above) and a brush to lightly scrub the problem area clean. Let your carpet dry off at room temperature to finish the process.

  1. Bloodstains

You only need cold water and a clean cloth or towel for bloodstains. Dampen a cloth in cold water and wash the problem area clean. If the bloodstain is already dry, dampen the area using a dump cloth and clean it with cold water.

  1. Wax, Chewing Gum, and Paraffin Stains

Stains from paraffin and wax do not spell the end for your carpet. The ice shall help you out easily. To do this, follow the guide below.

  • Apply a generous portion of ice on your stain. To do this, you must place your ice in a packet like a small beg and place it in the problem area.

  • Leave it to stay in the area for about half an hour, then use a towel or absorbent cloth to clean up the wax or paraffin stain.

  • After you are done, you need to iron your carpet to recover its perfect state.

For chewing gum, you can use ammonia. Dump cotton wool with ammonia, then apply it to the area where chewing gum is stuck. Ammonia makes chewing gum compress, lose its sticky nature, and therefore fall off.

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How to Refresh Your Carpet By Hand

You should refresh your carpet at least twice every year. To do this with natural tools by hand, use ammonia. 

  • Dilute 2 table teaspoonfuls of ammonia in 1l of water 

  • Get a soft carpet brush (you can opt for a hairbrush) to use in refreshing your carpet

  • Apply and scrub your solution on your carpet

  • Finally, wipe your carpet and let it dry at room temperature

  • Take caution to ventilate or even air condition the room given the chocking smell using ammonia can result in

General Process on How to Deep Clean Carpet By Hand

You shall use this process to deep clean your carpet by hand at home for all the processes described above.

  • Mix your chosen solution from the one above as per your need

  • Sprinkle the solution evenly on your carpet without flooding

  • Use a brush to scrub your carpet. Ensure you maintain brushing towards one direction.

  • Use a towel(s) to dry the solution from your carpet. You need to press your towel into the carpet and let it absorb as much solution as it can

  • Now take clean, clear tap water and sprinkle it on your carpet

  • Again, use the towels to dry up the water from your carpet

  • Now leave the carpet to dry up at room temperature to have a clean, spotless carpet


As you realise, you only need readily available tools to easily deep clean your carpet by hand at home. 

However, you should take caution and wear protective gear to avoid accidents from the chemicals you use. This is how to deep clean the carpet by hand at home. You can do it. Give it a try today.