You’re right, without all the machines and high electricity bills, you can still have a clean carpet. The only hurdle left is to know how to clean carpet without a machine. While it might seem like a simple soap-scrub-dry process, there is more to it than cleaning your carpet manually. 

We expect dirt, pet fur, spots and much more which calls for a  step by step carpet cleaning as we elaborate below.

Natural and Commercial Cleaning Agents

Before we get to the processes, let us first examine some of the natural and commercial cleaning agents you can use

Carpet Shampoos

We have a lot of home carpet shampoos you can choose from to use to clean carpet without machine. Whichever one you select, a carpet shampoo shall need too much labour when cleaning by hand

You shall need a soft brush which you shall use to scrub. Since there is some scrubbing involved, this cannot work for high piled carpets. Therefore carpet shampoos only when cleaning short-pilled carpets.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works magic for spillages and general cleaning. You only need to spread it on the problem area and let it rest. After about an hour, the soda shall have absorbed the stain. Now you need to vacuum the problem area to clear out the mess.

As mentioned, you can use baking soda to clean the whole carpet. After doing away with stains like we shall discuss later, spread baking soda generously all over your carpet. 

Let your carpet rest overnight in this state then vacuum it up the next morning. You should get a clean carpet with a fresh smell.


This is one agent that requires patience and skill to achieve a clean carpet. You need to mix 1 tsp of distilled vinegar to each 0.3l of cold water. Spray the resultant mixture evenly on your carpet and let it rest for about 30 minutes. 

After this, take a towel or piece of cloth and press it on the problem area to absorb the mixture.

Avoid scrubbing when using this method. You should also take note that this method is to be used for small scale carpet cleaning especially removing stains. However, it shall not work to generally clean large carpets fully.


Steam is a close friend when you need to clean up greasy patches, dirt and also kill bacteria on your carpet. However, some carpets cannot stand the heat of steam, therefore, check to see the manufacture’s guidelines before you resort to this method.

How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine As Well As Loose Dust

You will need:

A stiff bristle broom or any other stiff brush

Elbow grease

A snowy day for the snow dirt and duct cleaning process

A dustpan

Using a Brush

Your brush has to be stiff so that it can work for the thick pile of fibers carpets have. If the spikes of your brush are weak, then you can strengthen them. To do this by tying them together with a rope, rubber band or any other ideal wrapping material available.

Roll up the carpet indoors and carry it outside

Scrub your carpet towards one direction using elbow grease

Drive the dirt to one direction as you go by  it drops off to the end

Use your dustpan to collect the resultant dirt

For thick high pilled carpets, you shall need to go slow and scrub thoroughly to have the deeply embedded dust particles cleaned out. On the other hand, low-pilled carpet owners shall have an easy time with this method. 

Use the snow method to clean the carpet without machine

Roll up your carpet and take it out to the snow

Unroll your carpet upside down on the snow

Use a paddle or any other ideal material to evenly beat your carpet

Repeat this process changing the location each time  your carpet gets clean

Leave your carpet to dry under shade or at room temperature

This process shall leave your rug clean without picking up snowballs, however, it shall get a little bit wet and therefore need some time to dry up.

How to Clean the Spots on Your Carpet Without Any Machine

Spills from wine, coffee, tea and so forth lead to stubborn stains on your carpet. This should not worry you since you can easily clear up such a mess using vinegar or a cleaner of your choice. 

Get a clean piece of cloth or towel and press on the problem area to absorb the spilled content. You can also use paper towels which work better, however, you might have to use too much of this.

Apply vinegar or your chosen cleaner and let it rest for a while. After this, bloat the problem area with a wet cloth or towel clean and avoid scrubbing.

How to Clean Up Pet Fur Without Using a Machine

Pets fur deposits can build up and eat deep into your carpet fibers. In case of such a build-up, use a lint brush. Roll your lint uniformly on the carpet to pick the fur. Replacement sheets for lint rollers are understandably expensive. 

You can conveniently avoid such replacements by rolling packaging tape onto the lint roller so that the sticky part faces outside.

To avoid future pet fur build up in your carpet, ensure you clean your pet regularly. By so doing, there shall be fewer fur deposits in your carpet to work on.

How to Disinfect Your Carpet Without Using Any Machine

Regular use of a carpet plus pets around leads to the development of an odour from your carpet. You also need to disinfect your carpet regularly to avoid infections. 

When this happens, you should have vinegar as your carpet disinfectant. Mix 1tsp of vinegar to 3L of water and use a soft brush to massage your carpet fibers with the mixture. 

After this, leave the carpet to settle for a while then use a towel to clear the remainder mix from your carpet fibers. Ventilate the house and let it dry to have a clean carpet free from infections.

How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

After you have done away with spills, pets fur, dirt, dust, and greasy patches, it is time you now clean up the whole carpet.  Fill a bucket with clean cold water then add enough dish washing soap. Scrub your carpet using a soft brush from side to side while making sure the tour carpet doesn’t get fully saturated. 

After this, have clean cold water in a bucket and repeat the same process to clean up any remaining dirt.

During the washing process, ensure you replace the water every time it becomes too dirty. For effective washing, wash in a logical manner that is part to part, for instance, you can choose to start from one wall side towards the other to avoid leaving some parts out.


This is how to clean carpet without a machine. You realize that there are a number of factors and different ways you should handle the pleasant and process of this kind of cleaning. If you follow the above guide, you shall be able to easily clean stains from your carpet, generally clean your carpet, do away with fur from your carpet and generally clean your carpet. 

We hope this guide helped you out, have a great and non-costly cleaning experience, bye.