When having a pet, your house can never be too clean. Depending on your lifestyle and your pet preferences – whether that’s a dog, a cat, a bird or a fish, your cleaning routines could vary, but should have few key activities that will help you keep your house clean and organized at any given time.

Clean Home With a Cat

Cats are easy to take care of, especially if they’re short-haired. They know how to take care of themselves. It’s proven that a healthy and relatively young cat spends at least 50% of its awake time indulging on some self-grooming. If your cat is short-haired, grooming it once every two weeks should be enough. This both helps you decrease health conditions triggered by the fur balls they swallow sometimes, and keep your furniture and floors hair-free. Cats can be OCD clean when it comes to their own grooming, but sometimes their tenacious nature can cause a mess. Usually their bathrooms are held indoors, in the form of a litter box. There is a rule that says, when having one kitty, you should have two litter boxes. Whether you go by that rule, or you and your cat don’t have a problem having just one, you should never skip cleaning it. Swiping off the poop at least once a day and completely changing the litter every 3 to 5 days is mandatory. This will decrease the possibilities of transferring any bacteria from your kitty’s toilet to surfaces where you put food or sleep. Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your kitty’s litter box and make sure to buy a new once a year. When they scratch the plastic surface of their litter, they leave little scrapes that might hold residues of your cleaning supply and plenty of bacteria.

Clean Home With a Dog

Dogs are a different story. These outgoing and friendly animals are great companions, but also great troublemakers. Unlike cats, dogs are easy to train and you can teach them where’s appropriate to play, eat and nap. A very important training routine most inexperienced and new dog owners forget is that as leaders of the tribe, they define when the dog can enter the room, where to go first after taking a walk outside and if they can jump and nap on the furniture. Shedding can be the number 1 reason why people find it difficult to keep their homes clean. Some breeds might shed extremely lightly and a grooming outside once a week can spear them the time of constantly vacuuming their carpets and furniture. Other breeds, considered “double-coated”, such as Huskies, shed their undercoats twice a year. During these times, they leave plenty of fur balls that might cause allergies or respiratory diseases to both the dogs and your family. Grooming a double-coated dog regularly is a must. Preferably outside, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the mess our hairy friends often leave.

Pet cleaning routine must DO’s

  • Vacuum regularly – pets that are not held in cells or aquariums do make a mess. Another important thing to keep in mind is that whatever you have on your floor – a dirt coming out of your shoes from outside, food crumbs or any other dud, goes straight to your little pal’s mouth or paws. Keeping your floors clean can decrease any bacteria-transmitted diseases.
  • Regular use of medicine to prevent parasites – they keep your pet healthy and worm-free while simultaneously protecting you and your home from unwanted annelids.
  • Surface cleaning – kitchen counters, dining tables, sinks, toilet sits. Use toxic-free cleaning supplies and regularly wipe them.
  • Always stack on cleaning supplies and plastic bags. With a pet, they’re never too many.
  • Last, but not least clean your carpets regularly. You can either do it yourself or use a service like the one offer by our professional professional carpet cleaning team.

We at Cleaning Day would be more than happy to help you keep your home clean with more ideas or even offer you some of our professional cleaning services.