Every time we are booked to do an end of tenancy service for people who are moving out we notice that most of the tenants are quite confused and have a lot of questions related to this experience. We have already posted a few articles with some end of tenancy cleaning tips. Today we are going to summarise the answers for the most important questions everyone should consider, before doing the end of tenancy cleaning for their rental property.


End of Lease Cleaning Is Crucial to Get Your Deposit Back

The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme has published statistics showing that more than 50% of deposit disputes (57%, to be exact) are a result of inadequate cleaning. This makes it the most common reason of deposit disputes. Surprisingly, disputes over damage come second at 51% and redecoration third at 32%. Tenants deposit a lot of money, so it is it’s in their best interest to maintain the rental in proper condition at all times. Two inventory checks – the first when you move in, and the second – when you move out – will evaluate the state of the property.

They are the most reliable evidence for how renters have affected the rental’s condition during their tenancy. The safest way to obtain the full deposit is to make sure the two inventory checklists are identical, or that the second one is even better. If you intend on cleaning yourself, you should take all the necessary measures, put in some extra work, and most importantly – start in advance, so you have plenty of time to meet the quality benchmark.

What Happens if Your Landlord Hires EOT Cleaners?

If you haven’t done an end of lease cleaning before you’ve relocated, your landlord will book a company to do the job, while paying the bill from your deposit money. This doesn’t work in your favour as the landlord will prioritise getting a high-quality cleaning service, regardless of the price. Nevertheless, your landlord cannot deduct more than the total value of the move-out cleaning service. He/she should present the receipt as proof that the cleaning costs have been met. Make sure you ask to see the bill for the service before approving any deposit deductions.

Who is in Charge of Cleaning What?

Tenants are obligated to deal with the daily cleaning and maintenance of the property. Renters can be held liable if they allow the lack of hygiene to create a rise or spread of pest infestation, mould, or health hazards diseases. The dealing with these hazards is often costly, and the tenants will be charged for all the costs. The driveway, garden, and patio are usually assigned to the tenant’s care, as an integral part of the property. When making the move-in inspection, remember to confirm if you are responsible for maintaining these areas. In the shared spaces of the building, cleaning duties are usually a landlord’s responsibility. Any specialised cleaning and maintenance services in the property are considered to be a responsibility of the landlord in most of the cases.

Can Your Landlord Force You Book EOT Cleaning Service?

So, we have cleared out that cleaning is a responsibility of you as a tenant. This dictates that at the final inspection, the rental should be as clean, as it was on the day you moved in. What Can Your Landlord Demand? Your landlord can demand a hygiene standard equal to the one documented in the first inventory check. Forcing you to hire a move-out cleaning service is something the landlord can do just when the rental cannot meet the criteria described in your initial agreement. However, if you have been a reliable and caring tenant, it is likely that the property is already very close to the inventory you have signed. In this a case, you only have to do a final cleanup before giving the keys of the property.

What Cannot Your Landlord Demand?

Your landlord cannot demand you to book end of tenancy cleaners IF you have met your commitments as a renter! As long as the property is cleaned accordingly, you’re free to choose the methods for sanitation. Forcing you to hire a professional cleaning service when the property is already clean, or without giving you a chance to perform your own cleaning before the return of the keys is unfair. Nevertheless, if you do not return the property in an adequate condition, the landlord is within their rights to turn to an end of tenancy cleaning company and charge you for the expense.

Is it Possible to Do the End of Tenancy Cleaning Yourself?

It is in your best interest to do a thorough move-out cleaning and meet all the commitments according to your tenancy agreement. Otherwise, you will have a hard time getting back your deposit. Apparently, the cheapest option is doing the job yourself. And while the cleaning isn’t too scary, the moving-out can already be an overwhelming experience, without this task. On the other hand, if you have enough time before the final inspection, cleaning yourself is a great way to minimise the relocating expenses. Make sure that any damage caused by you or a guest to your rental is repaired and that the broken items are replaced. If you leave these repairs to the landlord, chances are the costs will be higher as he or she will likely opt for the highest quality replacements and repairs. Leave yourself plenty of time to do the move-out cleaning and achieve results as near to move-in inventory as possible.

How to Make Sure You Will Return the Property in an Adequate State?

Before you begin, talk to the landlord or to your letting agent and ask for their final inspection checklist. To make sure you’ve cleaned the property up to the required standard, you have to base your efforts on the final inspection requirements as well as on the move-in the inventory list. You want to match the quality you see in both documents. You will have to clean at least the following areas and items if you’re going to pass the final inspection.

If you decide to clean by yourself, leave enough time to buy the right products, have things dry cleaned, hire the necessary equipment, and replace and repair items. Be thorough and take pictures after you are done with the cleaning so you can present them during the final inspection of the property. You can also check a list of the 10 things that usually become a reason for deposit disputes.

When Is Better to Hire Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Cleaning the entire property by yourself can be a hard and tedious task, especially if you are in a hurry. You should ask yourself whether you have enough time and energy to complete the job up to the standards, required in your agreement to receive the full amount of your deposit. This is the main reason you’re going through all the hassle in the first place. If you are not confident that you can clean the property accordingly, then it is better to turn to professionals.

Many companies are providing the service, and they have the skills, equipment, and experience to help you get the property in an excellent condition before moving out. Make sure to ask for an estimate and for their end of tenancy cleaning checklist, to make sure they will meet the cleaning standard required. After all, if it comes to hiring professionals, it is better to choose the company by yourself, than leaving it up to your landlord or letting agent.