• Stain

    How To Clean Old Stain?

    Having stains on your favorite carpet is an unpleasant thing. On one hand the carpet’s appearance represents an irritating sight, and on the other this means you will have to invest time and money to clean it. Most people use carpet cleaning companies to clean their messed up carpets. However some prefer to do the cleaning themselves. Here are some tips on how to clean your carpet on your own.

  • Music while cleaning!

    11 Songs To Listen While Cleaning

    Many people will agree with me that cleaning does not fall within their definitions of fun. However, it is one of the chores we can’t give up unless we want to live like animals. Luckily, some good music can make a great difference by helping pass time and make cleaning chores less boring. Our professional carpet cleaning team know how to make cleaning a bit cheerful. Try these eleven songs on your next cleaning routine, and you will have yourself to thank because it will be over before you even realise it.

  • Cleaning Tips Before You Move Out

    So the time to leave the rented flat has come. Therefore you must do the end of tenancy cleaning to get your deposit back. You can either do it yourself which is a good idea as you will save money or you can use a professional cleaning services company. Going for the second option will save you time but it will cost a certain amount of money. As you see both alternatives have their pros and cons to consider. Generally you should base your decision on whether you can handle proper deep cleaning instead of counting money and time lost.

  • How to Clean Your Home – The Green Way

    Eco Friendly Cleaning TipsYou do not have to get poisoned with chemicals and risk the health of your family in order to clean the rooms and surfaces at home. You can successfully replace chemical agents with natural cleaning products that are generally safe and efficient. Most of them can be found in the kitchen cupboard. They could be used to clean the stains from the carpets, furniture upholstery and to clean the entire house

  • 6 Summer Eco Cleaning Ideas

    Hydrogen peroxide or also known as peroxide cleaner is a blue liquid, which is a powerful bleaching substance. It is often used as a disinfectant and does not have any toxic residue. Did you know that many homeowners use hydrogen peroxide for their home cleaning. If this is the first time when you hear about this, then let our experts share with you 3 cleaning uses for peroxide cleaner that you can use for your own purposes.