The cleanness and the overall condition of the property are among the most common causes of disputes over deposits between tenants and landlords. This is why more and more tenants nowadays are deciding to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service in order to get back the full amount of their deposit. However choosing the right company can be difficult, especially if you are not aware of what is the fair pricing in the field. Today we have put together some information in order to help you choose a professional end of tenancy cleaners based on their pricing. Read also: When is OK to do the end of tenancy cleaning and repairments by yourself?

The Average End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London

There are a lot of companies that specialise in End of Tenancy Cleaning in London. Therefore, when you start comparing prices, you will notice there are a lot of different tariffs as well. Nevertheless, we tried to put together a chart of the average end of tenancy cleaning costs. As we explained before, it is important that is best when the pricing for these services is based on the number of rooms cleaned, not on time. In short, this is because cleaning a property for 1 hour doesn’t guarantee you will get the expected results.

EOT Service For Average Price
A studio flat Starting from £ 80
1 bedroom property Starting from £ 95
2 bedroom property Starting from £ 130
3 bedroom property Starting from £ 160
4 bedroom property Starting from £ 190

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Different companies include different jobs in their end of tenancy services. This is why it is crucial to understand what exactly is included in the final offer. Read also: How to choose a trustworthy cleaning company when moving out?

Here is a short list of the jobs included in the end of tenancy cleaning:

  • Cleaning the outside and inside of all kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and polishing the kitchen countertops
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom sink
  • Thorough cleaning of toilet bowl
  • Vacuuming of the floors
  • Washing bathroom tiles
  • Polishing mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of the windows internally
  • Wiping the dust in every room
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning outside, inside and on top of furniture
  • Cleaning light switches, doorknobs, and fixtures
  • Polishing wooden and metal furniture
  • Thorough vacuuming of the upholstered furniture
  • Dust wipe radiators and internal air conditioner units
  • Polishing shower fixtures
  • Polishing water taps
  • Polishing stainless steel surfaces, fixtures and appliances
  • Wipe down doors, window frames
  • Through vacuuming of window and door tracks

All these jobs are done in every room of the property. However, for a reference, you can check our extended End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist and get the idea what exactly should be done in every room.

The rooms should be cleaned and all the personal items should be removed when handling the keys.

End of Tenancy Cleaning for Carpets and Upholstery

You should know that deep carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as mattress cleaning, are not included in the end of tenancy checklist. This is natural because these are separate services and require additional time, as well additional equipment and cleaning supplies. It is common for tenants to ask for carpet or upholstery cleaning to be done along with the EOT chores mentioned above. Most companies offer significant discounts if you book them for several services. However, if you need end of tenancy + another cleaning service, make sure to plan enough time for everything to be done and for textile items such as carpets, upholstery or curtains to dry. Read also: Which is the most efficient carpet cleaning method?