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  • How to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Upholstery

    Despite how much effort you put in cleaning and maintaining the upholstery of sofa or armchairs, accidents do happen. When a spill occurs, the reaction time is of the essence. In fact, soft furniture is bound to become dirty from general use with time – that’s certain! Spills, stains, and accumulated dust and dirt can cause the fabric to look worn out and shabby.

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  • 7 Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips from The Pros

    When you get new furniture, it looks so beautiful – the perfect style, colour and upholstery you picked over thousands of others. But if you don’t take proper care of your soft furnishings, they can quickly start looking dull and worn out for less than a year! Luckily, our upholstery cleaning specialists decided to share a few tips on how to maintain the furniture to prolong its lifespan and keep their as-new look.

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